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Releasing The-LION Discussion


Releasing The-LION




Sunday December 10

Bonus Session:

4:00 PM Eastern Time



Wednesday December 13

Bonus Discussion 

4:00 PM Eastern Time


Sunday December 17

Bonus Session:

4:00 PM Eastern Time





Inside The-Prayer-Cocoon





Tuesday December 12

Prayer for Healing

4:00 PM Eastern Time13
















Rediscovery of The-HEART Syllabus Sessions


Rediscovery of The-HEART





Tuesday December 12

Bonus Session:

8:00 PM Eastern Time



Thursday December 14

Bonus Session:

8:00 PM Eastern Time




Life, Health & Peace


Life, Health & Peace


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All our Rediscovery of The-HEART Live Sessions Are Recorded and Available for Replay in the Releasing The-LION Library 

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If you want to listen to the replays of the 'Behold The-Glorified-Christ" weekend in Camarillo CA, (January 20 - 22, 2017) you can watch them here: 

Session 1    Session 2   Session 3   Session 4  Session 5   Session 6

All these sessions start with worship for quite a while, but you can fast forward to go to the teachings themselves. When you click on "listen" you get the teachings only. 

Or download the application and watch the teachings only - for Apple and for Google

We will also make edited recordings available in our own back office.



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