Premium Membership

Premium Membership
Premium Membership
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Premium Membership   - $100.00 / year


The Premium Curriculum of The Institute is. . .

  • Decisively MORE than a Program-Learning-Syllabus . . .
  • Luxuriously MORE than a low-cost E-book . . .
  • Elegantly MORE than a 20th Century Audio-book . . .
  • Overwhelmingly MORE than a One-Time-Seminar . . .


One year of access to the Premium-Members Section with


  • The Complete Full Color Releasing The-LION Syllabus PDF (60+ Deep-Insights - Studying The-HEART through Ancient-Hebrew, Nature and Science), designed for the LION-Genius-in-YOU.
  • The Complete Releasing The-LION Syllabus black & white PDF to print out, for Additional-Impact.
  • The Releasing The-LION Work Books (for your own Contemplation)
  • Vignettes from The-LIONESS Point of View.



  • 100 Live Webinars giving YOU a Face-to-Face relationship with the Spirit and Passion of the Instructors. 
  • 100 LION-Family Meetings with Question and Answer Sessions, the interactive platform where you will meet other committed HEART-Seekers and we share and learn and grow together.



  • Prayer for Healing Cocoon - Connect with The-LION-Family in weekly prayer sessions in a Cocoon of Gentle Prayer; 
  • Access to the Prayer Session Recordings for continuing Cocoon Experience



24/7 Access to the Media Center

Instant-IMPACT At Your Fingertips



Our Media Center is a must for HEART-Seekers who become HEART-Teachers. This Instant-IMPACT-Library gives you 24/7 access to Larry and Thea's insights with input and feedback from the LION-Family Discussion Groups on ALL your mobile units.

You can join scores of PhD's, Medical Doctors, Best Selling Authors and Ministers who are internalizing what none of their professional training taught them about The-Hebrew-HEART.

The-Key to ALL Hebrew-Learning is repetition, repetition and repetition with all the senses fully engaged. The Media Center is desigend with that essential understanding.


Our Instant-IMPACT-Library Contains:

  • Audio Recordings of ALL the Syllabus Sessions 
  • Audio Recordings of ALL the Discussion Sessions 
  • Audio Recordings of ALL the Prayer for Healing 
  • Audio Recordings of Bonus Sessions 
  • In future Video Recordings of ALL the Syllabus Sessions and Bonus Sessions
  • An Extensive and Ever-Growing Video Library of video clips enhancing the Learning-Experience


All recordings are available as mp3 files which enables you to listen while you drive, walk, work in the house or garden or sit down and relax. I cannot tell how much I have been blessed over the years (7 years to this date) by listening to the recordings over and over again. 


And as an Extra Bonus:

Access to Ancient-Hebrew Treasures

Available Only in the Premium Membership


A Collection of  Treasures in the Ancient-Hebrew Language, providing a complete New Dimension to the Insights of the Syllabus. 

This Membership enables you to internalize the 60+ Insights in its fullest. 

The Syllabus is the Center Part of our Learning-Experience. This Syllabus is written and designed for The-LION-Genius inside you. The use of background, IMAGES and colors is chosen for a purpose, designed for The-LION-Genius-LEARNING, enhancing The-HEART to internalize the insights. While you are learning to READ the Ancient-Hebrew way Your-LION is being fed each time you READ. Your own engagement is essential in Releasing Your-LION.  

Nothing can substitute Your-Personal-READING and Meditation of the Insights. You will maximize Your-Learning-Experience if you combine Your-Personal-READING of the Syllabus with then content of the video/audio Library in the media Center and participate in our Live Discussion Groups and Live Syllabus-Teachings. (All recorded).

You can study the written Syllabus, join the live sessions with visual presentation, participate in the discussion groups, listen to the audio recordings and contemplate the insights with the help of the workbooks.  


All the Learning-Pathways are included in the Institute's Learning-Experience.

You can study in your own pace or walk with us as we go through all the insights.

Each time we cover this course we come at it from a different place, a fresh view and a new experience.


Important Note:

The Basic Membership is an annual membership and renewal is applied automatically at the end of the membership year.

We will send an email reminder towards the time of renewal. You can update your payment and contact details in My Account

You can unsubscribe your membership at any time by simply contacting us by email with the subject line "Unsubscribe My Membership"

Any other request about membership can also be submitted by email:

Question about my Membership

In case you overlooked the renewal date, we will honor a 21 day period for refund after automatic renewal.


We are grateful for you joining our journey and are looking forward to see you in our sessions where we learn and grow together.


Heart to Heart

Larry Napier

Thea Benny


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