The Illusion of Independence: What We Can Learn From Two Trees

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My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease when I was 4 years old. Due to his condition I was prompted to take on responsibilities at an early age. My mom also made it clear that it was important to be able to take care of ourselves. So I believed that the purpose of growing up was to become independent. To me it was the message of my childhood.

The Illusion of Independence:

What We Can Learn From Two Trees.


My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease when I was 4 years old. Due to his condition I was prompted to take on responsibilities at an early age. My mom also made it clear that it was important to be able to take care of ourselves. So I believed that the purpose of growing up was to become independent. To me it was the message of my childhood.

To My-HEART independence meant "not needing anyone." So I tried my best to do everything on my own. Independent and grown up became synonyms. And of course that also meant doing everything "right." Too often I felt that I wasn't up to it. Being offered help was an affirmation that I wasn't doing a very good job. Being given advice was another confirmation of not having enough of what it takes to be independent / to be a true grown-up / doing everything "right."

Like everyone else I had bought into the deception that we are self-contained power sources.

The result was frustration which became the catapult that threw me into the "self-help-industry" trying to improve my "self", to empower my "self", to discover my "true-self." Obviously I was a very weak power source. Others around me seemed to be better at it than I was, so what was wrong with me?

Embarrassed with my failures I tried at least to pretend . . .

Wherever I felt insecure, avoiding or pretending became the name of my game, trying to protect myself from being discovered. In those places where I did feel strong and confident I became protective of my independence and "being right." Most of all I became an impossible person to live with, to myself and who knows to whom else.

It was quite a shock and at the same time a huge relief to discover that we are not meant to be independent, because we are not created as self-contained power sources.

It was a real eye-opener to discover that my failure to be independent enough was not my problem. On the contrary:

Independence from The-Father is actually The-Problem of the Universe.


The Ancient-Hebrew-Script teaches us a wonderful Truth, right at the beginning of the Adamic race:

What we can learn from Two Trees . . .


In the most beautiful Ancient-Garden, east in Eden, an account of immense importance and impact unfolds. All the Principles of LIFE are laid out right in front of us.

There is much more to SEE in the white than in what is written in the black, as long as what we SEE in the white does not contradict the black. When we go there with our IMAGE-Maker we can learn magnificent things about Who We Are . . .

First of all it teaches us that The-Father is not going to activate His-Creation without having The-HEART of Adam. All the growth on earth is depending on the growth in Adam's-HEART.

We will soon learn that it is not only the growth, but the actual wellbeing of the whole planet.


This is a First-Fractal-Expression of the Law of The-HEART:

Above everything else guard Your-HEART for from it flow all the issues of Life.


The creation of Adam from the Adamah (the red earth) reveals The-IMAGE of Who We Are and for What Purpose we were brought into existence: for The-LIFE of The-Father to Live In Us . . . to enable us to have Intimate and Personal Relationship with The-Father . . .

Life in this Garden is the expression of Living IN The-Authentic-Flow of LIFE. In the cool breeze at the end of the day, Adam walks with The-Father in the Garden. During that quality time together The-Father teaches Adam according to the Primal-Order of Learning. 

The-Father created Adam after His- IMAGE, and raises Adam like His-Child in order to cultivate the Garden and to take care of it. The word "to take care" is the same word as in "Guard over Your-HEART". It is from the root of Shamar, meaning "Watching over, Protecting, and Preserving." You watch over and protect what is precious, a child, a home, a pregnancy, relationships ("keep in touch"), a garden, a country, a treasure, food (making preserves) . . . but also rules to live by.

In the midst of the Garden are two trees and a river runs between them. At one side if the river grows the Tree of The-Knowledge of "Good And Evil", on the other side the Tree of The-LIFE. 

There is one rule for Adam to keep: he can eat from every tree in the Garden except for one: the Tree of The-Knowledge of "Good And Evil."

Failing to keep that one rule will have dire consequences: on the day that Adam eats from that tree, he shall Die. This means that as long as Adam protects His-HEART he has LIFE.

If you are like me, you have struggled to understand this. If life is about "being good", then shouldn't knowing good from evil be the ONE thing we ought to know? What could possibly be so bad about Adam and Eve eating from that tree, something so bad that they deserve to die?

The name of the tree is not "The Knowledge of Good FROM Evil," it is the Tree of The-Knowledge of Good AND Evil. The difference is drastic. This tree does not have two different kinds of fruit, good and bad . . .

Independent-Good is as deadly as evil,

because it comes from the same tree

And Thus Is The-Same-Fruit


We are not supposed to develop on our own a definition of what is good and what is bad. We are not supposed to do good on our own. The manifold events in the Ancient-Hebrew-Script where men were trying to do good independently from The-Father teach us that this is not an indication of our becoming Mature, but an expression of Rebellion.

Living IN The-Authentic-Flow of LIFE requires living in a right relationship with The-One who created us. That means that we don't act on our own initiative, but we wait until we see what The-Father does, and do what we see Him do. The Primal-Order of Learning: a child learning from The-Father, like an apprentice learns from a mentor or master. In this process The-Father pours out His own Essence into the child and thus forms the child into the Likeness of The-Father.

HEART to HEART, The-Father's-Spirit connected to Adam's-Spirit.

Ancient-Hebrew teaches us that even though The-Father chose to be Invisible, He-is-Speaking so that we can hear His-Voice. The great challenge comes when Eve is listening to another voice, deceiving her into doubting The-Father's Character. The Seed-of-Doubt is planted in Eve's-HEART to believe that The-Father does not mean what He says and that He does not really have their best interest at HEART, but sees men as a possible rival to His-Sovereignty.


The-Lie that we can become like God by ourselves, independently from God, is conceived and accepted as truth. The-False-Self is born and The First-Fractal of "self-empowerment" is established. And The-Father's Character and Name are being slandered by calling Him a Liar.

The Seed-of-Doubt, accepted as truth, grows and matures, and changes the IMAGES in Eve's-HEARTThe-IMAGE of The-Father and The-IMAGE of The-Tree.

Once Her-HEART changes, everything changes. With "new eyes" she sees the tree, all of a sudden it looks like good for food and desirable to make one wise.

We don't see Things the way THINGS are, we SEE Things the way WE are.

Eve believes The-Lie that there is wisdom to be acquired independently from The-Father and still live.

Once The Seed-of-Doubt matures, it expresses and produces its fruit: disobedience, she eats from the forbidden Tree.

The moment that Adam eats as well, the The-Fractal-Act of Disobedience is Sealed.

The-Father is The-Source of ALL Life. Moving independently from The-Father is choosing to separate oneself from The-Father and thus from The-Source-of-LIFE.

There is only ONE possible consequence from separating oneself from The-Source-of-LIFE . . . Death.

The-Father is not punishing Adam with Death; it is a natural consequence of being separated from The-Source-of-LIFEAdam's-Spirit disconnectedfrom The-Father's-Spirit, Adam's-HEART is now severed from The-Father's-HEART.

Death does not mean non-existence. Death is the state of existence separated from LIFE and LIGHT, i.e. separated from The-Father.

Independence is not our goal, it is not the purpose of growing up. Independence is lethal.

The false belief that we are independent self-sufficient power sources is the root of all our suffering. The-Lie produces fear, separation and depression.

Adam's Spiritual-Death happens immediately when he eats from the forbidden tree. His physical death occurs only 930 years later.

The-Father in His-Wisdom and Love removes Adam from the Garden, lest he will put out his hand and eat from the Tree of The-LIFE as well . . . and live forever.

The-Father has ordained that Adam will not live forever in this state of Spiritual-DeathThe physical death is a blessing in disguise: there is an end to hardship and suffering, and it is the ultimate proof that we are not self-sustaining power sources

Every time we are faced with death we are confronted, The-Lie is exposed. Without physical death we might never discover how much we need to be restored and return to The-Father so that once again we may learn to Live IN the-Authentic-Flow of LIFE.

The cherubs placed at the entrance of the Garden are not protecting (again the Hebrew word Shomer) the Tree of The-LIFE, they are protecting Adam from becoming trapped in his state of Spiritual-Death forever . . .

It is impossible for Adam to fix The-Problem. There is nothing he can do to restore himself to the LIFE he lost. It is impossible for death to make itself alive again.

Self is The-Problem, not The-Solution.


In His unfathomable Wisdom and Grace The-Father has created The-Solution to The-Problem. Even before he created anything.

The-Father had a Wonderful-Plan.

For The-Father so loved His-Creation that He sent His only and unique son, to die Adam's-DEATH instead of Adam. It is The-DEATH of The-False-Self.

The-Way to LIFE is through DEATH so LIFE swallows DEATH and LIGHT overwhelms the Darkness.

There is One-Person who IS The-WAY, and The-TRUTH and The-LIFE.

There is NO other Way. There is NO other Truth. There is NO other LIFE.

The-Father did not send The-Son into the world to judge the world, but rather so that through him, the world might be saved. To those who put their trust in His-Person and PowerThe-Father gives the right by His-Authority, to become His-ChildrenAfter His-IMAGE AND In His-Likeness. Not because of bloodline, not because of physical impulse, not because of human intention or will, but because of The-Father. Not by might, not by power, but by His-Spirit.

The-Father does not leave The-Son in this state of DEATH, He raises him up from the dead and restores him to the glory he had from before the foundation of the world.

From that moment on He is Alive for our LIVES.

And everyone who trusts in him, instead of Dying-DEATH may have Eternal-LIFE. All that is required from us is to discover ourselves believing that The-Father raised Him from the dead . . . saying yes, Amen, to The-TRUTH.

When Our-HEARTS open to The-TRUTH, His-LIFE pours in . . .

May the Eyes of Our-HEARTS be enlightened so that we will understand The-Hope to which He has called us . . . and how surpassingly great is His-Power working IN us who trust Him.



March 2016

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