The Incredible Joy of Starting-Over

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What do YOU SEE when we say "Starting Over?" What is the FIRST-Picture triggered in Your-HEART?






What do YOU SEE when we say "Starting Over?"

What is the FIRST-Picture triggered in Your-HEART?

Before the Rediscovery of The-HEART, mine was one connected to pictures with pain, failure, not measuring up, falling behind . . . To start over meant to me that my previous attempt was not good enough. And I had plenty of real life examples. I doubled 11th grade because some of my grades were not good enough. I had good excuses, so called "extenuating circumstances." My father had died that year, which made it acceptable and it did not question my learning abilities. Whatever the reason was, I had fallen behind, and once that happens it is tough to try to keep up.

I have pictures about starting over in another country, a new language, a strange culture. Those pictures contain excitement and adventure, but also insecurity, being an outsider, difficulties in communication, and the pain of what I left behind, the separation.

Though these examples are not necessarily entirely negative, they all have negative and painful content and convey the message that what was wasn't good enough, it did not measure up to a certain standard; whether real or imagined, set by others or by ourselves.

Starting-Over became the synonym of trying to do Better; Instead of the previous Failure(s), with all the Pain-Fractals already set in place . . . a HEART bound to the past.


That is NOT what we mean with Starting-Over in the Rediscovery of The-HEART.

Starting-Over becomes Our-Attitude in which we live our lives – from The-HEART – and is the very Expression of Freedom.


We become FREE to Start Over. Every Morning!


Both Ancient-Hebrew and Nature reveal to us the natural rhythm of Starting-Over. Nature's "Nature" is one of Constant-Repetition.

The contaminated view of the word Repetition only has a negative IMAGE – we see a rut, boredom, being stuck . . .

However, with the Rediscovery of The-HEART we Embrace repetition is the very Key to Mastery.

And with an Attitude of Starting-Over on a Daily-Basis we Recognize that there is more to learn then we think we already know. We open Our-HEARTS as when we were children, filled with Curiosity, Anticipation and Excitement. With this attitude we learn to experience the Incredible-Joy of Starting-Over.


Every-Day is a NEW-Day!


Imagine, Starting-Over every day with a Clean-Slate, new Fresh-Energy, New-Hope.

Whatever was yesterday belongs to yesterday, whether good or bad. Today is TODAY, and the only day I have. I do not have to bring the scores of yesterday into TODAY. When we live like TODAY will be just like Yesterday, there is no way out.

TODAY does not come from the past; it comes from the Future, and so does the Present-Moment.

The Present-Moment does not come from the past. Learning this insight from our studies can set us free from the paralyzing fear that comes from believing that the future comes from the past.

Starting-Over makes TODAY an Open-Adventure. A Fresh-Heart with Fresh-Eyes, recognizing that there is much more to learn and to get than we already know. I can do the same things I have done yesterday and do them again TODAY, knowing that every addition will reignite the spark of our Learning-Genius, there is something NEW to SEE, and knowing that more will come in the Future.

It does not matter how often I read the Syllabus or listen to the replays. Each cycle I SEE something NEW or see what I saw before in a NEW-Light. And each time it thrills me all over again.

Every day is a day to sow New-Seeds and anticipate the Harvest of the Fruits.

I am now starting over with the Anticipation of Renewal, Refreshment, Excitement, Hope . . . How about YOU?


New Hope Every-Morning.

What a Wonderful-Way to LIVE.


HEART-Seekers become HEART-Teachers

Your Call . . . Your Destiny . . .


Heart to Heart

Thea Benny

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The Incredible Joy of Starting -Over

I love and appreciate the Truth of this shared article; thank you so much....and happy New Year from the heart of us deep gratitude...Gail Marie

what a gift...



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