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Why do we bother to Rediscover Our-HEARTS? And what would be the purpose of it? What good can it bring to our lives?



Why do we bother to Rediscover Our-HEARTS? And what would be the purpose of it? What good can it bring to our lives?

Let me start with what it is not.


The-Purpose is not to start to live from Our-HEART - because we already do. There is no other way to live THAN to live from The-HEART.


The-Purpose is also not to learn to become a Genius. We already are. We were Born-Geniuses; all of us. There is no lack of storage capacity; there is no dummy inside any of us. We are born with an incredible learning machine that does just great until we get into 'formal education'.


The-Purpose is not to learn to trust Our-HEARTS. We cannot trust Our-HEARTS simply because it is so highly 'deceivable'. My spelling controlled lets me know that this is not an existent word in the English language. Well, that is too bad. My spelling controller is an OX and what does it know anyway about the Issues of The-HEART; how would it know about the capacity of The-HEART to be deceived?

That is what 'deceivable' means. Our-HEART has the capacity to be deceived. Because that is what deception does . . . . it deceives . . .


How do I know?

I only have to look and face the things that I once believed as true and at a certain point discovered they were not. This is another way of saying that I have believed a lot of lies much of my life.


Now this is the tricky point. When I get REALLY honest and careful; I have to admit that I cannot say that from now on I can trust My-HEART because of what I learned.

On the contrary - now I have to live with the knowledge as Larry says: "that there are a more things that I currently believe that are not true. I just don't know what they are. If I knew . . . I would no longer believe them". Deception deceives indeed.


The reason is clear: we know what The-Problem is: "Our schools, our organizations, our industries, our self-help methods and our religious institutions have not known or taught us how to use our most God-Given Ability. And in school we were not taught how to READ and how to THINK."


So WHAT is The-Purpose of the Rediscovery of The-HEART?


The-Purpose is to rediscover The Language of The-HEART, The-Ancient-Path, that will lead us back to the Homeland of Our-Dream.

The-Purpose is Authentic Transformation, the only way that we can become like the people in the Homeland of Our-Dream.

The-Purpose is to learn HOW to guard Our-HEART above anything else because ALL the Issues of Life flow from it.

The-Purpose is for our Right-Brain-Genius-LION to get free from centuries of Left-Brain-OX-Domination; to learn how to READ and THINK the Ancient-Hebrew way.

The-Purpose is to move from the Deception of Midbar into the Reality of Dabar.

The-Purpose is to learn to Live From-The-HEART the way it is designed, according to The-FLOW-of-LIFE.


Living From The-HEART . . .  A goal . . . A Path . . . A Place


We cannot really do this on our own. We are all in this together. None of us is an expert in living this kind of life. We all will start to recognize that it is easier to talk it then to walk it. We need each other to walk The-Ancient-Path.

We need each other to internalize the insights in the Syllabus, and to share with each other our questions, our comments, our insights. The insights that YOU have in this path and the impact they have on YOUR life will enrich and encourage ALL of us. We are HEART-Seekers who become HEART-Teachers. When we share we teach. When we teach we learn more. It is The-FLOW-of-LIFE.

I have learned more during the last year of sharing then in all the previous years. I am excited about the future as I see a LIFETIME of LEARNING-Experience ahead of me.


That is also the purpose of the Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute.

It provides us a place where we can learn and grow together.

It provides us a place where we have our own personal study by READING the insights in the Syllabus and THINKING and Meditating on them.

It provides us a place where we listen to the live or recorded sessions that Larry does from the Syllabus.

And it provides us a place where we can meet and discuss together. We share places that help us to gain more understanding.

Now we have a place where a LION-Family is gathering, and the learning together produces greater impact and greater joy. When we start sharing we are already living in The-FLOW-of-LIFE.


The-FLOW-of-LIFE is in "The Releasing The-LION Syllabus" - insight 47.



What a wonderful opportunity we have with the Rediscovery of the-HEART Institute and a LION-Family of HEART-Seekers who become HEART-Teachers . . .  all over the world.


A HEART to HEART-Family where we explore together, LEARN together, Grow together, share our insights, inspire each other and encourage each other.  And together we learn to Live From The-HEART . . . in a Healthy Way.



Come and join us . . . . and Together Let's Do Something ReMARKable. 


Ready to Release Your-LION?




Thea Benny

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