A Right Brain-LION Released

 My Right-Brain-LION


Listen carefully, the entire world of Left-Brain-Jailors in our Schools, Organizations and Religious Institutions and their Right-Brain-Prisoners need this desperately.

Our son Jamie began experiencing LEFT-Brain school problems in the fourth or fifth grade. After modest to low grades prevailed in High School, we had Jamie tested for learning difficulties by Nashville's leading expert. Her evaluation of Jamie's test results came with this mysterious statement "Jamie is the most right-brain-child I ever tested."





This was the spring of my 1984 "Study-The-HEART" awakening in January and I was about to have a major light turned on. "What do you mean right-brain" I asked? The expert then told us about Roger Sperry's discovery of the Left-Brain's Proficiency in WORDS and the Right- Brains focus on IMAGES.

The expert's LEFT-Brain-Bias surfaced when she summarized, "Just get Jamie out of school;" her concluding remarks sounded like "he'll never do anything that requires thinking."

Dropping Kim and Jamie at home I sped to the Library to research Sperry's work.



Before I went to sleep I had confirmed my intuitive convictions,

"The Right-Brain characteristics MATCH the Ancient-Hebrew description of The-HEART."

Now I knew what to do with this Genius-son with a so called "photographic-like-mind" that had never been recognized!  Jamie's previously test score was a "D." After my brief instruction Jamie devoured six pages of notes in 20 minutes. 

Jamie made a 98% on his next test! The-LION was unlocked! The Cage was open, Jamie was Out of Prison!

Jamie went from a "Dumb-D" to a "Brilliant-A" at the Speed-of-Light.

If you happen to see Veranda March 2011, America's most exclusive magazine featuring multi-million dollar mansions you'll find one of the high-end homes that carries Jamie's fingerprints. His role as construction supervisor requires him to interface with World-Class architects and Interior Decorators as well as Multi-Millionaire Clients building their dream homes. Unless you are one of the "Right-Brain-Geniuses" that just got free you are greatly relieved that Jamie has the responsibility to turn the  stacks of blueprints with room after room of unique designs into an External Multi-Million-Dollar-Showplace.


Apparently it's not nearly so hard when you can SEE it All!


"ALL Creative Geniuses of History Were Right-Brained-LIONS"

It's Time To Unlock Yours!



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