The-LION & The-OX

Ancient-Hebrew Wisdom


Releasing The-Right-Brain-LION and Rediscovering The-HEART can never be accomplished if we use familiar words defined with the same Western Definitions that caused us to Lose the MEANING in the First Place. We must start over!


Ancient-Hebrew Wisdom-WORDS


 "The Wise-HEART is to The-RIGHT

 The Fool's-HEART is to The-LEFT."


 Ancient-Hebrew Wisdom-IMAGE:

The-OX on The-LEFT / The-LION on The-RIGHT


The preeminent emblem for rule, leadership, and the monarchy in Ancient-Hebrew is The-Majestic-LION. However, since Ancient-Hebrew is written from the view of a culture focused on Sowing, Cultivating, and Harvesting Crops, The-OX is the primary symbol for the vital role of work, service, and productivity. Both roles are essential for Peak-Performance.



The-LION is the symbol of the Spirit/HEART, the Inner-Man; the source of ALL creativity, leadership, and dominion. The-LION is King, wild and disruptive of the status quo. It is his nature to look at the world from a different point of view than The-OX.

If there is to be "Peace in the Kingdom" and Peak-Performance . . .

 The-OX must submit to The-LION



The-OX is the symbol of the Soul/Body, the outer man; first among domesticated laborers. He is strong, consistent, and methodical. The-OX is the one who executes the plan: "a rich harvest comes from the strength of The-OX." He's a doer, not a creative thinker. Which means that

 Until The-OX engages . . .

 The-LION's Vision is unfulfilled.


So if both roles are required for Peak-Performance, why focus on the RIGHT-Brain-LION?

After centuries of Left-Brain-OX-Domination and Right-Brain-LION-Suppression, restoring equilibrium will be impossible if the emphasis is on balance.


Our Words, IMAGES, and Thoughts HAVE to be initially different, strange, and unfamiliar,

if we hope to recover the

LOST-Language of Our-HEART




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