If You Are Blessed

You Can Be A Blessing


Donations are the life-blood of "not for profit" 501C3 endeavors.  

Your Tax deductible gifts enable The Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute to participate in The-Flow of Life, released in . . .

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"Be Fruitful, Multiply and have Dominion over the earth."


Our capacity to meditate, teach and write what the family is collectively learning is dependent on the financial gifts of those family members who are growing with us on a continual basis.  "Fruitfulness" begins when One-New-Heart-Image becomes a New-LION-Action

As Authentic Transformation flows from personal "Fruitfulness"  "Multiplication" is guaranteed. When what we contribute ignites Multiplication, it enables us to personally experience The-Father's Blessing.

The Father's Blessing through The-Rediscovery of The-HEART assures that The-Landscape of our Schools, Organization and Religious Institutions will become increasingly impacted by discovering WHAT The-HEART Is, WHERE it IS and HOW to get THERE.


All LION-Hearted Gifts are received with HEART-Felt-Gratitude

Heart to Heart,



Rediscovery of THE HEART Institute
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