Why Ancient-Hebrew?




Everything we believe and teach in the Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute is grounded in Ancient-Hebrew and Nature. We base nothing on the philosophies or the traditions of men, much less empty deceptions. 

We have been asked over and over why Ancient-Hebrew


Ancient-Hebrew declares from The-Beginning that these words are not of the words of men but . . . 


The-Words-of-God . . . given to men as prophetic scribes

The-Words-of-God . . . given to men to perform its work inside us



The-Authority of Ancient-Hebrew trumps every opinion, philosophy or spiritual teaching that contradicts its declarations.


Every Ancient-Hebrew Letter is  Word.Each Word comes form a Three-Image-Root.

Each Image has a Unique-Meaning . . . 

EACH-Letter proclaims A-Message



Every Ancient-Hebrew Letter is an IMAGE-Word

or even an IMAGE-Sentence


The FIRST-Hebrew Letter/Message Proclaims . . . 





The-FIRST-Word in Ancient-Hebrew,

created with the First-TWO letters, reveal that . . . 


The-Living-God is an Intensely-Personal-Father.






Fatherhood Is Not A Concept

The-FIRST-Letter says "God IS Speaking."

The-FIRST-Word is "FATHER," which requires A-Son.



"Bet," the second letter in Hebrew Alphabet

magnifies The-Father-Son-Relationship.

Bet means House, i.e. The-HOME of The-Family.


Ancient-Hebrew proves from



and The-FIRST-Word 


That it comes from The-Only-Authentic-Source.


The Foundation of "Rediscovering The-HEART" is and always will be Ancient-Hebrew.


* * * * * * * * 



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