Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute

Our Purpose:



The Releasing The-LION Syllabus is NOT a book we read.

It is NOT about accumulating Intellectual-Knowledge

It is NOT a One-Time Motivational-Seminar or Course we take. 


It is a LIFE-Time Learning Experience. 

These insights are best internalized in a Learning-Environment with multiple venues to study the insights.


Larry: "I saw a place where HEART-Seekers connect and where we meet HEART to HEART and Face to Face

The IMAGE of the Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute was emerging. But one thing was still missing. 

One day I am pulling weeds in the garden, a wonderful meditative place and activity.  

And all of a sudden I SEE: the IMAGE of The-LION and The-OX.


Eureka! That's IT!

This IMAGE is not a Symbol. This IMAGE is The-ISSUE. (Ez. 1:10;  Eccl 10:2)


My Wife Kim painted this beautiful IMAGE of The-LION and The-OX which has been our logo since then.


This is not merely about being Left-Brained or Right-Brained


This is about Living From The-HEART the way we are designed to live!!


This is about Rediscovering The-Purpose of Having A-HEART

A Goal . . .  A Path . . . A Place . . . 


The-LION Roared with The-Vision of the Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute:


A Life-Time-Learning Experience

With a LION-Family of HEART-Seekers



Who yearn for Authentic Transformation

And to Release Their-LION


Why do we need to Rediscover The-HEART? Because Everything is a HEART-Issue


Peak-Performance is a HEART-Issue


Finding Hidden-Gifts is a HEART-Issue

It is Never TOO Late

Health & Healing Are HEART-Issues



Relationships Are HEART-Issues

Spiritual-Issues Are HEART-Issues

Transformation Is A HEART-Issue


Day After Day, Week After Week 

We Adress ALL These Critical HEART-Issues








Rediscovery of THE HEART Institute
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