Right Brain-HEART

The Hebrew-HEART Is In The-HEAD





Ancient-Hebrew-Wisdom describes a Garden in Eden, divided by a river flowing through its center, with two trees growing in the middle of the garden. On one bank is the Tree-of-Life; on the other, the Tree-of-Knowledge.

This is the original Garden-in-Nature that is an IMAGE of the Garden-in-Adam (mankind) who has been placed in the enclosure-in-Eden to cultivate growth over the entire earth; this physical-garden is a beautiful revelation of the Ancient-Hebrew-HEART: the Right and Left Brain are opposite banks of the river where the inhabitants don't speak the same language.

Roger Sperry won the Nobel Prize in 1981 based on his world-changing research on these Ancient-Garden-Hemispheres. Sperry's discovery came from testing former epileptics whose Corpus Callosum, the thick "river" of nerves that connects the Right-Left-Hemispheres, had been surgically severed to relieve their debilitating seizures.  The tests revealed that  The-Right-Brain-LION can KNOW what it cannot VERBALIZE . . . This is a FACT that Left-Brain-Oxen with vested interests refuse to believe.


The Two-Hemispheres process information in distinctively different ways. The-Right-Brain-LION relates to Life in all-its-dimensions through our original nonverbal language of IMAGES, Intuition, and Feelings. This language is Pure-Experience; The-LION's Perception of what is happening NOW connects to its Whole Storehouse of Wisdom. The Left-Brain-OX relates to a two-dimensional world through words as labels, numbers, logic, concepts, parts, and time.

The Verbal-Language of Our-Left is determined by the language spoken around us as infants to label The-IMAGES that our Visual-Language-Right assigned meaning to and stored at warp speed. As Babies, we all demonstrated The-Genius of our fully alive Right-Brain-LION long before our Left-Brain-OX learned to talk.



The significance of this discovery has not even begun to have the impact that it should. If embraced, our Schools, Organizations, and Religious Institutions would set us free from their Left-Brain-Prisons and lead a mad-rush to the inexhaustible Right-Brain-Treasures.  

Sperry was late because "The-Ancient-Path" declared the "Treasures of the Right" thousands of years ago. "The-HEART of the wise is to the Right, The-HEART of the fool is to the Left."

Is that clear enough?

Ezekiel's description of "Four-Faced-Cherubim" places The-LION on the RIGHT and The-OX on the LEFT. The-LION is majestic and untamed. The-OX is strong and predictable. The-LION is the KING. The-OX is the Servant.


When the Ancient-Hebrew revelation of The-HEART was lost, The-LIONS were over-run by The-OXEN. Since that time, The-OXEN have locked generation after generations of Baby-LIONS in cages and kept the Keys.


It's Time to Unlock the Prisons: Release The-LIONS and Destroy the Cages!







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