What The Singing Prophet Saw Paperback

What The Singing Prophet Saw Paperback
What The Singing Prophet Saw Paperback
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What The-Singing-Prophet Saw


"What The Singing Prophet Saw" Determines The Destiny of Humanity. Not just the destiny of humanity in general but our destiny, yours and mine. The-Singing-Prophet-Saw what was taking place during three hours of darkness where the sun and the moon, the keepers of time, were submerged in an Eternal-Realm where time becomes like a drop in the ocean. When The-Lights went out, the physical eyes of men could not see what was happening in The-Darkness; neither when it happened nor while we are reading what he saw. "What The Singing Prophet Saw" can only be seen like he saw it, with The-Eyes of The-HEART. A never ending tsunami of books bombard the intellects of men with unending opinions, theories and speculations on what we must know and believe in order to become who we were created to be. "What The Singing Prophet Saw" describes the awesome vision that provides the One-True-Answer, The-Only-Answer that removes the veil of darkness over Our-HEARTS. When we see "What The Singing Prophet Saw" we are changed. We don't change ourselves, We-Are-Changed. When we see What The Singing Prophet Saw" our destiny is determined. We don't determine our destiny; Our-Destiny is Determined by What We See. When you open Your-HEART to See "What The-Singing- Prophet Saw" you will see The-Vision that will free you from the blind opinions, theories and speculations of men with veils over their hearts. When we see "What The Singing Prophet Saw" we see The-Vision that is unlike any other vision that has been revealed to men; The-Vision that is Cosmic, Climatic and Eternal. When you see it, you will know it. 

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Paperback $11.99



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