Read These Experiences From Released-LIONS.


These LION-HEARTED-Students are sharing what they experienced when Their-LION was Released.

As you feed on their 'ROARS' YOU will become increasingly aware of . . .

The-LION Awakening In YOU. 


Alexander Loyd PhD, ND Author of The Healing Code 



Finally HE HAS DONE IT!!! The man who has mentored me for 32 years can now mentor millions. Without hesitation I recommend "The Institute," over my own book The Healing Code or any other learning system at any price. Those of you who have heard our "Living from The-HEART" series know why. This is the Profound Knowledge that I have longed to see made public for more than 32 years. In 1988 Larry Napier saved my life! I had sought help from the top experts in the world yet everything in my life was in ruins. My marriage, finances, health, everything! Larry began teaching me the mysteries of The-HEART that have transformed me to the core of my being. Many of the principles Larry teaches are in direct opposition to the philosophies the recognized "experts" teach.

I am happier and more successful than I had ever dreamed or imagined. The Food from The-LION's-Table pushed the door wide open for me. My own life's work, exploding around the globe, is built on the foundation of The Rediscovery of "The-HEART." The Healing Codes are branches from that root; tools that I was given to enable us to learn to "Live from Our-HEARTS." Although I have had Larry's direct input for over 32 years, the "Releasing-The-LION" Syllabus has far exceeded my highest expectation. Larry's writings have no fluff, no fat and no wasted words; it's lean meat. I can take any module and feed on the layers of enlightenment for days. I will be meditating on these insights for the rest of my life.

I urge you to open ALL of the links on The Rediscovery of The-HEART Site. Listen, Read and Engage with your whole HEART. You Need the "Releasing-The-LION" Movement and The World Needs You to share the Movement with everyone you know and love.


* * * * * * * * 


Mark Victor Hansen Co-Author Chicken Soup For The Soul 

(157 Million Copies)



This Internationally Acclaimed LION Says "Listen To My ROAR . . .

Larry Napier is one of the most brilliant, most articulate men I have ever known. The food He serves is not reheated "left-overs."

The Rediscovery of "The-HEART" is Fresh-Meat.

The Future Larry Describes

Will Change The World


* * * * * * * * 


Jim Wulfeck; Major-Company International Management-Consultant (50 States / 70 Nations)

21st century organizations must become more masterful, ethical and remarkable at serving, managing and leading if we hope to have meaningful and fulfilling lives. The Profound Images of Releasing The-Lion and "The Rediscovery of The-HEART" enables and inspires us to live and perform daily from the source of wisdom, authenticity and integrity. With Larry as our guide we can learn to blend Our-LION and Our-OX to drive toward Peak Performance from a realm that is "Farther-Back and Higher-Up." Mastery Means a Life-Time of Learning and Growth.

Food From "The-LION's-Table"

Is Prepared With Lost Ancient-Wisdom


* * * * * * * * 


Bob EmoryLeading Internet Furniture Discounter



When I met Larry I experienced something foreign to me that I couldn't explain at the time. The Rediscovery of "The-HEART" Seminar provided the answer and Changed My Life Forever.

I have longed for TODAY, When Larry's Food-For-LION's would be available to everyone.

The-LION-Hearted-Movement and The-Institute's "Outrageous-Pricing," opens The-Door-of-Hope to the World. Listen to My-Roar!

None of My Extensive Business Relationships Recognized

The Amazing Importance of "The-HEART"


* * * * * * * * 



Steve Dittmar; Pastor, author of "Saved Your Seat"



Larry has given me language and permission to explore a brand new world; a place where The-Father creates in us as He created us. The Rediscovery of The-HEART is a road map to discover the world we forgot existed. Our western mindset has erased the meaning and value of the imagination, the language of the heart, substituting facts and figures to produce what is already here. I found myself enthralled in the truths I saw, putting them into practice immediately, and reaping the rewards of seeing again. This is revolutionary.


* * * * * * * * 



Jim Lewis, Executive Director Open Hearts Community Mission

After forty years of non-stop ministry, I burned out and, I walked out. In anger and frustration I walked away. I left a trail of conflict and confusion. It is true, "Hurt people, hurt people." I can see now; my behavior was totally one dimensional, all soul-centered.

My ministry was a mile-wide and an inch deep. It was international. It was cross-cultural. It was bilingual. It involved television and radio. My exit took me into the desert, a truly miserable, lonely place. Yet, it was a place of healing.

I stumbled into Rediscovery of the Heart. Honestly, in the beginning I was a little apprehensive. I was hearing something new and it wasn't religious. The Father used Larry Napier to teach me truths about the Heart that I had ignored all my life. My problems were not due to lack of academics. I had excelled in three seminaries. My problem was I did not know what the Heart is, nor where it is nor what is the language of the Heart.

Larry is an amazing servant-teacher. He has incredible patience and passionate persistency. When he is teaching, you know he's speaking the truth. As he says, "Truth is self-authenticating." And, it is incredibly liberating.

I'm eight years into this journey and the end is not in sight. This is not a program you do so you can leave to go do another. This is a genuine life-changing experience. Life goes on and on and so does the learning. The realities I am learning through Rediscovery of the Heart are immediately beneficial to me and are transferable to others. My life and ministry are constantly enriched. I give Rediscovery of the Heart my categorical endorsement.


* * * * * * * * 


EDD McGrath; Commercial Real Estate Developer / Author of The Proverbs Project

I have been Larry's friend for nearly forty-nine years. I have known him as business partner, a co-writer and a joint-truth-seeker. None of these words fully describe Larry's thirsty core. Larry is an explorer; always climbing the next peak to get a clearer view of the wonders of creation and the endless riches of The-HEART and Spirit. I can uniquely attest that Larry's "Releasing-The-LION" writings have been forty-five years in the making. They have been through the refining fires ad infinitum. The Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute opens new vistas of how we can consciously live our lives from The-HEART's-Image-Maker. Larry challenges and stretches me as he explores his dependency on the Father-Mentor. Experiencing Larry's insights will challenge and bless you. I am thankful that I am his friend.


* * * * * * * * 



Bill McGrane: McGrane Global Centers Advisor To Companies And Leaders Worldwide

Author of "Just Ask"



In my 40+ years of training people and organizations the 'Best of the Best' teachings have never been challenged, refined and taken to the core depths like The Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute.

Larry's Ancient Hebrew Insights of 'The-LION and The-OX' dynamics of The-HEART energizes every fiber of our being . . . even changing our DNA! When that happens just watch what Our Released-LION's Will Do."

A Life-Time of Education, Corporate Training and Religious Activity



* * * * * * * * 



Ken Schutter; Music Teacher / Entrepreneur Business Owner


My Trumpet is how I ROAR. I began giving Trumpet lessons when I was 15 years old. After 25 years as music teacher I began my second career as an entrepreneur business owner but my trumpet kept roaring through private lessons. Early this year I began to sit in on the dress rehearsal for the "Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute. How can such revolutionary insights be found in Ancient Writing? Surely it's true; The Left-Brain-OX stole the "Keys to the Kingdom." I have been a seeker all my life . . . Now I'm a HEART-Seeker who is becoming a HEART-Teacher. The changes in my life are amazing. Let me herald one dramatic example. My private student began last school term as a high-school junior ranked trumpeter 259# in the state of Arizona. In January of this year I began to teach "Mastery" to my disciple with the Revelations of The-HEART. Five months later when the yearly rankings were posted, My-baby-LION-Genius was number TEN! So how can an expert who has been teaching for 50 years start over? By handing the trumpet to The-LION, the one knows how to play from The-HEART.

It's Never TOO Late, Listen While I Play . . .

"We've Only Just Begun" . . .


* * * * * * * * 





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