The Genius Code


What if God FORMED A-Genius-Image-Code in The-Human-DNA? Ancient-Hebrew reveals He did! 

What if we all began life as experts in Learning HOW to LEARN at The SPEED of LIGHT?

That's HOW we ALL began life!

God's Genius-Gift enables babies to learn at a speed that adults can't touch. 




What if this Genius-Gift was lost by ignorance and the near exclusive focus on ONE of the ways that The-Genius LEARNS?

That is exactly WHAT Happened! 


What if This-Genius-Image-Code was discovered in a severely brain damaged toddler that could not walk, talk or move any of his muscles.

It WAS! 


What if your family never learns what this toddler's family did in order to tap The-Genius-Code and the learning power it contains?

That would be a tragedy.

HOW to LEARN enables students to emerge from D's to A's, and A's to Better A's at The Speed of LIGHT.


Poor grades come from poor instruction, not from poor students. 

A's that come from an unbalanced time commitment are unhealthy and unnecessary. 



Every Baby is a Genius.


Sadly, this revelation has been lost for centuries and the results have been devastating. 




The-Genius-Code has been found! 

NOW, The LION-Genius in The-HEART of EVERY child can be Released.


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