When My-LION Got Released

Thea Benny: "Midwife." Teacher. Seeker



"As long as I can remember I was looking for answers to questions about Life.  During nursing school my interest in alternative modules of healing was ignited. I became an intensive seeker, feeling that somewhere there must be the key to the mystery called 'LIFE'.  

The world of the self-improvement knows endless variations on the theme. I started to devour books; I bought programs, read more books, and became a seminar-junky.  

30 years later after countless-hours reading endless-books, multiple home study programs and two decades of seminars I found myself with a head full of knowledge and an impoverished HEART.  Was it my fault?  Is it my lack of willpower?  Am I not smart enough?  Or could the worst be true; there is a flaw in me beyond repair?


Larry Napier and the Rediscovery of The-HEART changed everything.  The insights he shares from years of studying the Ancient-Hebrew HEART challenges The-OX in us, simply because they are not directed to The-OX, but are designed for The-LION-Genius inside us.

The Rediscovery of The-HEART was an amazing Home-Coming-Experience to me. The relief came with the discovery that The-Soul cannot heal The-HEART and The-OX cannot Transform or 'Improve' itself.

Now My-Starved-LION is feeding on Insights that have been waiting to be rediscovered since Ancient-Times.  Insights that are life changing not because they teach you another technique or a new to-do-list' but Wisdom that ignites The-HEART and causes us to SEE what can't be seen.


From the moment that I started to listen to Larry's teachings I would listen to the recordings over and over again. I downloaded them on my mp3 player which I take with me wherever I go. That started 7 years ago and I am still listening to every recording, usually twice or three times in a row. I play the recordings when I drive my car, when I do housechores that do not require my active thinking - laundry, cleaning, ironing, and even when I go out and walk.  Now I simply play them on my phone, from the Media Center.

I cannot overemphasize the impact that listening to the recordings again and again have in my life.  


Soon enough My-LION started to soar.  A lifelong insecurity has been replaced with a quiet confidence. Fears to speak out dissolved, reluctance to show up disappeared, and a tendency to hide myself was healed.

I have not changed my life . . . my life has been changed in a way I could not even imagine, from the inside out.  Larry frequently roars, "HEART-Seekers become HEART-Teachers," I am living proof that he is right. 

Just imagine how you will  feel  when Medical Dr.'s, PhD's in Psychology, Religious Leaders and Spiritual Seekers listen and learn from what you have begun to experience.

Since My-LION has been released, I have discovered a purpose and passion for life and found my voice to share and express that purpose and passion with the world.

The difference between Intellectual and Authentic Transformation is drastic. 


Larry and his insights Released My-LION. Together we gave birth to the Rediscovery of The-HEART Institute so we could help others to Release Their-LIONS.


It's TIME to Release Your-LION Too.


"Arise, Shine, for Your-LIGHT has come" 




Heart to Heart

Thea Benny




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