Nature is a Wonderland-of-HEART-Revelations. We can study anything that works in the world and learn more about how Our-HEARTS work.

In recent years, the explosion of Knowledge that Ancient-Hebrew-Wisdom foretold thousands of years ago began to occur at warp-speed. None of these "discoveries" contradict the Ancient-Hebrew-Wisdom that foretold them.

In The Rediscovery-of-The-HEART Institute we look at the most-revealing discoveries that give us a clear call to "Return to The-Genius-Language of our Birth."  

This overview begins with Nature's amazing picture of the drastic difference between Intellectual Transformation and Authentic Transformation.






Until we understand The-Difference between Intellectual-Transformation and Authentic-Transformation, we will NEVER recognize how much The Programming of The-OX Controls The-IMAGE-Maker of Our-HEARTS. Nor why it will take a LIFE-Time of Learning to undo the damage.

The INTERNAL-Global-Transformation needed, promised, and longed for will not take place as long as our Schools, Organizations, Religious Institutions, Psuche-ology and Self-Help Motivational Gurus approach LIFE with Half-a-Brain.


Intellectual-Transformation by its very nature Changes the Vocabulary, Definitions, and Concepts. Left-Brain-Instructors Masquerade in the Symbols (i.e., use the butterfly-words), proclaim their sessions "Transformational," assured that everyone has enjoyed their "serving-of-flies" and are ready to "HOP-Back-To-Work." They "unconsciously" maintain the status-quo that results in Uniformed Ugliness, Hopping-Movement, and a Home-In-The-Swamp.

This is surely The-Father's prima-fascia "laugh" at the foolishness of Men.  

Nature's-Warning-Sign on the Highway-of-LIFE reads "Don't Become a FROG!"


 Croaking and Hopping Is No Way To Live


The Metamorphosis of a Butterfly is a picture of His grand plan for our lives that results in Exquisite Beauty, Soaring Flight, and a Home-In-The-Garden.

Authentic-Transformation is not sequential, objectively-visible, nor labor intensive. And the "Resting-Stage" does not remotely predict what the FINAL-Result is going to be.

The Mystery to Authentic-Metamorphosis is recognizing that WE don't know HOW to do this! And We NEVER will!

The Miracle happens away from the Soul's Senses, beyond the reach of Logic and Reason, Shielded from outside forces. Authentic-Transformation takes place behind the veil that lies over The-HEART, the facade of Left-Brain-OX over-confidence, limitation, and blindness. Complete Metamorphosis requires REST not effort, MEDITATION not sweat.

As Left-Brain Captives, we have been trained to look at the world "backwards and upside down."


The Secret is in the Chrysalis, the Home of Rest, Meditation, and Authentic-Transformation. As Monarch Butterflies, we don't keep crawling to transform ourselves; we REST in The Chrysalis while We Are Being Transformed! How, we don't know but rest assured, Monarch Butterflies and ALL who SEE them LOVE the results.

The-Real-Secret is The-IMAGE-Maker, the entrance to the "Cocoon of OUR-HEARTS" where we experience the TRANSFORMATION that will allow us to soar on the "Wings of the Wind."


 The Only Way HOME Is By FLYING



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